Product Category Names

All detected technologies in Neuron360 are categorized using the Rhetorik Technology Classification (RTC). Rhetorik's taxonomy is made up of 3 levels:

  • Major Group,
  • Broad Group,
  • Unit Group.

Product Category Major Group Name

Major Group Name
Enterprise Applications
Middleware Applications
System Software
Vertical Market Specialised Solutions
Other Applications
Hardware Devices, Computing and Storage Solutions
Network Computing
Peripheral and Communication Components
Other Electronic, Computer and Hardware Technologies
Programming Languages
Office and Peripheral Supplies

Product Category Broad Group Name

Broad Group Name
Marketing Technologies
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Enterprise Resource Solutions
Enterprise Content Solutions
Business Productivity, Collaboration and Communication tools
Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Business Process, Project and Portfolio Management
Other Enterprise Applications
Application Development and Management
Business Intelligence and Analytics Tools
Search Engines
Other Application and Integration Tools
Operating Systems
Database Tools and Management
Storage Software
Security Software
Virtualization Infrastructure Software
IT Operations
Other System Software
Education and Healthcare
Retail Trade
Recreation and Restoration
Government and Public Administration
Agriculture and Natural Resources
Other Vertical Markets
Other Applications
Computing and Storage Infrastructure Solutions
Physical Layer
Data Link Layer
Network Layer
Multilayer Appliance
Other Computer Networking Components
Peripheral Components
Telecommunication components
Other Peripheral, Communication Solutions
Other Electronic, Computer and Hardware Technologies
Programming Languages
Peripheral Support Services
IT Services
Telecommunication Services
Peripheral Supplies
Office Supplies

Product Category Unit Group Name

Unit Group Name
Marketing Performance Measurement
Tag Management
Social Media Performance and Relationship Management
Digital Analytics
Other Marketing Solutions
Contact Centre Management
Customer Order Management
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Help Desk Management
Service & Field Support Management
Other Customer Relationship Management Solutions
HR Management Systems (HRMS)/Human Capital Management (HCM)
Financial Management Systems (FMS)
Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
Manufacturing and Operations
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Learning Management Systems (LMS)
Other Enterprise Resource Solutions
Case Management
Document Management
Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
Information Technology Management
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
Web Content Management Systems
Other Enterprise Content Solutions
Business Productivity
Communication and Collaboration Solutions
Publishing Tools
Design and Visualization
Report Design and Management
Other Business Productivity, Collaboration and Communication tools
Travel and Expenses
Supply Chain Management and Planning
Inventory and Warehouse Management
Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
Transport Management
Other Supply Chain Management Solutions
Business Process Management
Project Management
Portfolio Management
Other Enterprise Applications
e-Commerce Solutions and Platforms
Partner Management
Design Tools
Development Platforms and Environments
Quality Assurance Tools
Application Life Cycle Management
Other Application Development Technologies
Business Intelligence Dashboard and Platforms
Data Visualization and Data Discovery Tools
Business Performance Management
Data Science and Statistical Platforms
Big Data Analytical tools
Search Engines
Other Middleware Applications
PC (Desktop and Laptop) Operating Systems
Server and Workstation Operating Systems
Mobile and Tablet Operating Systems
Non-Specific Operating Systems
Other Operating Systems
Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS)
NoSQL Database Management Systems
NewSQL Database Management Systems
Graph Database Management Systems
Hybrid Database Management Systems
Other Database Management Systems
Storage Management
Data Backup, Recovery and Archives
Data Replication
Disaster Recovery
Antivirus and antimalware applications
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
Email Security
Endpoint Security Solutions and Unified Threat Management
SSL and Digital Certificates
Security and Identity Governance
Other Security Software
Platform Virtualization Software
Application and Desktop Virtualization
Virtualization Platform Management
Network Management
Software Configuration
IT Infrastructure and Operation Management
Update and Change Managements
Application Server Software
Quality Management Software
Other System Software
Electronic Design Automation Solutions
Value Stream Mapping
Academic and Education Management
Health Care and Medical Management
Retail Trade
Finance and Insurance
Real Estate
Legal and Professional Services Management
Architectural and Engineering
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation
Accommodation and Food Services
Government and Public Administration
Mining, Oil and Gas
Other Vertical Specific Solutions
Social Media and Community Platforms
Online Video Platforms
Other Web Technologies and Platforms
Thin Client PC and Laptop
Zero Client PC
Servers, Mainframes and Midframes, and Computing Solutions
Storage Solutions and Appliances
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
Platform as a Service (PaaS)
Data Center and Colocation Infrastructure
Network Interface Controllers
Other Network Access Components
LAN Wireless Access points
Multilayer switches
Bridge Routers
Next-Generation Firewalls
Intrusion Protection Systems
Other Computer Networking Components
Multifunction Printers
PBX Phone Systems
IP PBX Phone Systems
Other Telecommunication Solutions
Portable Media Players
Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)
Other Peripherals and Communication Solutions
Other Electronic, Computer and Hardware Technologies
Programming Languages
PBX Support Services
Printer Support Services
Photocopier Support Services
Computer Support Maintenance Services
Service and Help Desk Support Services
Network Maintenance (WAN Maintenance)
Managed LAN Services
Mobile Services
Phone Land Line Services
Internet Services
Printer Consumable Supplies
Photocopier Consumable Supplies
Office Supplies
Office Desk Supplies

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