Data & Product Updates

We process, enhance and update Neuron360 data every day. Our software engineers, data scientists, and research agents articulate their work around the three pillars of our Neuron360 database.

  1. Compliance is a top priority for Neuron360. Our data privacy officer constantly works with our research agent team to notify concerned entities before data publication. They ensure that all rights are respected by suppressing concerned entities.

  2. Accuracy is fundamental when making business decisions based on Neuron360 data. It's why our software engineering and data scientists constantly improve how we process Neuron360 data using enhanced DataCliniq(TM) API and by improving the field assembly level engine.

  3. Innovation will allow our customers to differentiate themselves. Our data scientist team continually develops new machine learning models to push only relevant data to our users.


Data Release
Neuron360 performs data releases to allow our customers to remain compliant and accurate. This way, our customers make their business decisions with confidence. A data release consists of updating field content to increase accuracy and fill rate, publishing new entities from the quarantine, or suppressing entities for compliance.

Neuron360 offers a large variety of ways to have access to data according to your license type.

  • API access using your account API key,
  • Flat file (NDJSON and .csv) on secure FTP,
  • Private Snowflake connector

No matter how you consume Neuron360 data, know that Neuron360 performs data releases every month.

Product Release
The Neuron360 team continually improves the products that our customers use. High pace product release is fundamental to maximizing the Neuron360 innovation pillar.

We desire to be very responsive to correct bugs, improve existing features, or even roll out new APIs and features.

We deploy product releases that do not contain breaking changes continuously.

Data and Product releases will be announced in our Release Notes.


Data Version
The Neuron360 teams reserve the privilege to make changes to an entity schema.

These changes can be added or withdrawn fields from an entity schema, adding a new reference table, modifying the values of the current reference tables, etc.

Those innovative data versions will be deployed every three months.

Product Version
The Neuron360 teams reserve the privilege to make changes to existing APIs.

These changes can be modifying existing API request parameters or the structure of an API's responses.

Those innovative product versions will be deployed every three months.

Data and Product versions will be announced in our Release Notes.

What’s Next