Welcome to Neuron360 API. Rhetorik delivers global data excellence by providing access to:
• Global enterprise data to drive your business,
• Global data services to repair and enrich your data,
• and Global data analytics to transform data into business intelligence.

Use the Neuron360 API to query the Neuron360 database for relevant companies, offices, and professional profiles to enrich the data records in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Marketing Automation (MA), and other systems.

The Neuron360 API helps you build out your organization's company, office, and profile records by tapping in-depth information such as technologies, company and office attributes, company industries, financial details, location, and more. This deep data enables teams to build sophisticated, refined, targeted prospect segments and improve campaign list building, prospecting, lead routing, scoring, and territory alignment.

We've segmented our documentation into the following sections:

  1. General - How to get started with Neuron360 products with authentification
  2. Company Data - Company Data Dictionary and Schema
  3. Company Stats - Companies Data Statistics
  4. Office Data - Office Data Dictionary and Schema
  5. Office Stats - Offices Data Statistics
  6. Profile Data - Profile Dictionary and Schema
  7. Profile Stats - Profiles Data Statistics
  8. Reference Data - All lists of values that can be used in API parameters
  9. API - How to use our APIs
  10. Company API - company/search parameters and responses
  11. Office API - office/search parameters and responses
  12. Profile API - profile/search parameters and responses
  13. Supporting API - autocomplete parameters and response
  14. Updates - All about the Neuron360 Data and Products Updates
  15. License - Neuron360 Privacy Policy and Trial Services Agreement

Please let us know if you have suggestions, questions, or feedback by contacting Neuron360 support at [email protected].

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