March 2024 Release Notes

Welcome to Neuron360 release notes for March 2024! We have been busy rolling out our new DEI Gender and Ethnicity APIs as well as making continual improvements to our data quality and coverage.

Here are some of the key highlights:

DEI Benchmarketing APIs are in production.

Key Features of Rhetorik's DEI Benchmarking API:

  1. Comprehensive Metrics: Measure diversity by ethnicity, gender, age, industry, company size, job function, and title.
  2. Unbiased Data: Blend of AI analysis and survey-based demographics ensures the highest data quality.
  3. Seamless Integration: Easily incorporate the API into your HRMS or analytics tools.
  4. Global Insights: Gain a competitive edge by comparing your diversity efforts on a global scale.
  5. Actionable Recommendations: Leverage the insights to drive effective DEI strategies and initiatives.

Enhancements to our Data Collections

  • Company Data:
    • Company Phones: A notable increase in company phone records by 1,411,580, marking a 1.754% growth, signifies an expansion of the company's communicative reach.
  • Office Data:
    • Overall Offices :Office data has seen an update of 2,312,249 records, reflecting a 1% increase.
  • Profile Data:
    • Profile Phones: There has been an exceptional increase of 107.82% in profile phone data, with 17,282,005 new records added, indicating a substantial enhancement in the collection of contact information.
    • Profile Emails**:
      A significant increase of 139.83% (53,745,778 records) in email data points, indicating a possible expansion in communications or data acquisition efforts.
  • Contact Data
    The contact last modified date has seen a dramatic surge by 143.55%, which translates to 34,197,586 updated records, indicating a comprehensive and recent refresh of the contact details within the dataset.

Table of Contents

Key Announcements

New Products and Features

Data Updates

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Key Announcements

We are excited to announce the launch of our DEI Aps. Talent Leaders, Researchers and Analysts interested in diversity data for US Companies can access our gender and ethnicity data sets directly through our APIs.

Additionally, we continue to make behind the scenes improvements to our data quality, improve our match rates between data entities, improving our algorithms and addressing any usability issues that have popped up.

Data Updates


Each month we update millions of records. You can find our statistics in the Profile Dataset as well as financials and business social links in our Company and Office datasets. Here are some of the highlights:

ProfileGlobalLast Modified Data34,197,586


Full Stats: Profile, Company, Office

Profile Dataset

FieldsIncreaseINCREASE (%)
Profile Phone17,282,005107.8%
Profile Address City32,933,91615.9%
Profile Email15,079,753139.8%

Company Dataset

Total Companies4,851,0362%
Company Phones1,411,5801.8%

Office Dataset

Total Office Records2,312,2491%
Office Social Links - Yelp135,9872%


  • We have now over 7,874,650 company records with technographic profiles.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Browser issues when new versions of the portal are promoted
  • De-duplication of records
  • Issues with Trial Account sign-ups
  • Clearing all previously selected parameters when a new search is initiated