February 2024 Release Notes

Welcome to Neuron360 our release notes for the beginning of 2024! We rolled out some exciting updates and data points with this release.

Here are some of the key highlights:

  • Improved search experience in our Profile Dataset with the addition of job details, including the Rhetorik Occupation Classification.
  • Enhanced Linkages between Professional experiences, companies, and offices, enabling the use of company insights to filter profiles for current and past experiences.
  • AutoComplete is now in production in the Portal UI and available in our API. We have applied the new logic to 9 of the most important fields.
  • Increased of total profile records by 6M.

Table of Contents

Key Announcements

New Products and Features

Data Updates

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Key Announcements

Schema Changes


Job Title Details, Job Function and Job Seniority Profile Dataset

After several months of development, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Job Details, Job Function, and Job Seniority fields, now available for everyone.

This update introduces 18 new fields that offer detailed insights into job roles, including job title translations from 40+ languages into English, the normalization of job titles, and the addition of job functions and seniority levels. Below is a summary of the new information these fields provide.

Field NameData TypeFields DescriptionExample
resume_data.experiences[].job_title_details.raw_job_title.job_titlestringThe raw translated job title information of the current experience." chef de la direction financière"
resume_data.experiences[].job_title_details.raw_translated_job_title.job_titlestringThe raw job title translation of this current experience."chief financial officer"
resume_data.experiences[].job_title_details.normalized_job_title.job_titlestringThe normalized job title of the current experience."Chief Financial Officer"
resume_data.experiences[].job_functions[].level1.codestringThe job function level 1 code of the current experience."23-00.000"
resume_data.experiences[].job_functions[].level1.namestringThe job function level 1 name of the current experience."Finances"
resume_data.experiences[].job_functions[].level1.confidence_scorefloatThe job function level 1 confidence_score of the current experience.0.92
resume_data.experiences[].job_seniority.job_levelstringThe job seniority level name of the experience."C-Level"

Raw Locations

To further support our client's data and analytics products, we are releasing the raw information (user-generated) about profile locations and their experiences if available.

With the addition of these fields, you can leverage your own selection methodology to better target candidates and leads to feed your pipelines.

The 2 new fields are:

Field NameData TypeFields DescriptionExample
profile_data.raw_locationstringThe raw location of the profile."Brooklyn, New York, United States"
resume_data.experiences[].raw_locationstringThe raw location of the experience."Santa Monica, California, United States"

New Products and Features

Profile Reveal Search Parameter

This quarter, we improved our Profile API search capability with "Reveal All". This enhancement supports the querying of our data and obtaining hit counts without consuming usage credits, a major benefit for customers with controlled access.


AutoComplete has been released from beta and is now available in production. Your users will will be able to build more accurate searches faster in the Portal. Additionally, this feature is accessible via the Neuron360 API endpoint. Your team can integrate AutoComplete into you integration without additional development.

The AutoComplete feature supports the following fields:

Industry NamesIndustry Names
Industry SIC CodesIndustry SIC Codes
Product Names
Vendor Names
RTC Category Names


Documentation for the APIs can be found here:


Data Updates


This quarter, we updated millions of job experiences, locations and summaries in our Profile Dataset as well as financials and business social links in our Company and Office datasets



Full Stats: Profile, Company, Office

Profile Dataset


Company Dataset


Office Dataset

total_office_records288,650, 23315.61%


  • We have now over 7,874,650 company records with technographic profiles.
  • User-inputted summaries increased by nearly 10% in our Profile Dataset.
  • Office social links coverage increased by more than 80% for at least one new social media.

Improvements and Bug Fixes


  • Implementation of AI-driven validation between domain and company name.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issues regarding data type, format and null values across different fields.
  • Fixed bug regarding location parsing. This fix has resulted in a large improvement in our location coverage.