June 2024 Release Notes

Welcome to the June 2024 Release Notes.

Users may have noticed fluctuations in our profile counts and reduced experience counts over the last several months. We have adjusted our assembly processes to limit the impact of these fluctuations, and we have restored the experiences fill rates to the previous levels and beyond. Going forward, you will experience smaller fluctuations in both profiles and experience counts.

Additionally, our team has been working on expanding the Contact data schema to provide an improved search and filtering experience for Contacts. We will be releasing the new Schema in the next 60 days. Look for future announcements on this development.

There has been a lot of coverage in the press regarding Snowflake data breaches. We do not store any customer personal data on Snowflake and we have taken all the necessary steps recommended to avoid any issues related to the problem. We are monitoring our systems closely to ensure that our data is secure and we are confident that our customer data is safe.

Lastly, we continue to improve data quality and address minor bugs each month.

Release notes - Neuron360
N360DEV-1901 Correct quarantine issues with Notifications
N360DEV-1902 Parsing Issues in Profiles
N360DEV-1905 Improvements in Profile matching algorithms
N360DEV-1939 N360 Profiles - API Bug on pagination logic
N360DEV-1927 Adding additional checks validate emails are current